2024. 03 16. - 2024. 03 16.

The "LEPKE" performance tour will be organized by the regional Spring Water Nature Friendly Association in the Keszthely Mountains in 2024 as well. In addition to the membership and helpers of the Association, the ZSZC Keszthely Asbóth Sándor Technical School, Vocational School and College also plays an important role (Károly Kardos, László Berdán and his team). As in the previous period, as usual, we organize the program in the month of March, although sometimes in spring and sometimes in slightly wintry weather conditions. But it's worth it!

Date: March 16, 2024 (Saturday)

Route: Vonyarcvashegy railway station; Pető hill (Berzsenyi lookout tower, but omitted on the 15 km run); Smrdöskút rest area (15 km from here to Pad-kű); Smrdöskút forest; (at 40 km Bélap Valley; Nice lookout; Bise-stone-roof; Marble Quarry Mountain); Thin-tan; St. Nicholas Spring. Smrdöskút resting place; Pad-kűi lookout tower (409 m tszf.), Jakabfi resting place; Bitter-roof; St. Michael's Hill Chapel, Berekalia; (St. Vendel's Chapel at 40 km; Iron Mountain Kitaibel Pál lookout tower); Vonyarcvashegy: railway station.

At 15 km the elevation is 350 m, level time: 4 hours or none!

At 25 km the elevation is 390 m, level time: 6 hours or none!

At 40 km the elevation is 1140 m, level time: 10 hours

Start: continuously from Vonyarcvashegy railway station on all three distances between 7 am and 11 am, and the destination at the same place is no later than 6 pm (there is also a large parking lot for cars and buses next to the railway station). Participation in the tour is possible in compliance with the epidemiological measures valid at this time as well. Let's take care of each other!

Entry fee: 15 km: 2300,- HUF/person; 25 km and 40 km: 2700,- HUF/person.

Pre-registration period: 06 February – 12 March 2024 (optional)

Please pay the entry fee on the spot, if you would like to transfer it in advance by March 12, 2024, we can receive it at the following bank account:

Spring Water Nature Friendly Association, MBH Bank 74500248-10035450

In case of cancellation, we can refund the paid amount by deducting an administration fee of HUF 400.

Pre-registration form: LEPKE tour pre-registration form - 2024.03.16 (google.com)

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