Vonyarcvashegy Sausage Solo - Pork Toros and Sausage Filling Competition

2024. 11 16.

On November 16, the Vonyarcvashegy Sausage Shop will be held in Vonyarcvashegy for the 15th time.

By cultivating traditions, delicious snacks and good pálinka, the organizers try to revive the memories of old village pig slaughter.

The day starts with homemade brandy, then the pigsty is cleaned, roasted and processed, anyone can participate.

For breakfast (8-11 hours) they offer marrow, grated liver, pickles.

From noon, guests can enjoy the mysteries of making homemade sausages and homemade greaves with liver and bloody noose, while the accordion sound ensures an excellent atmosphere.

The sausage filling competition starts at 11 a.m., where participants can drop off the finished delicacies until 1 p.m. and start baking. The results will be announced and prizes will be handed out at 3 p.m.

The guest of the event and the chairman of the jury is András Szőke.